Nearly a year has passed since we all made the unexpected leap from in-person client interactions to virtual sessions. If you were one of the people who made that leap, you are probably comfortable using the Zoom platform to conduct your groups, face to face and education sessions. However, there might be a few new tricks to learn to make your remote work even more effective, efficient, and fun!

Test Your Video and Audio BEFORE you join a meeting

When you join a meeting, you have a chance to check your video before you go live. However, you might want to take more time to preview your meeting settings including video and audio. Zoom has a test link that allows you to simulate a live meeting! Just go to the Zoom test link and take all the time you need to get your settings just right!

Up Your Virtual Background Game

If you want to upload your own virtual background, expand the selection of virtual backgrounds, or create one background that everyone must use, check out this video. For written instructions: Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Use Polls to Keep People Engaged

Polls are a great way to keep the attention of your participants. You can set polls up in advance or create them on the fly in a meeting. Check out this video on Polling and try it in your next session! For written instructions:

Closed Captions

Closed captions are a new feature. You can assign someone to type closed captions or use a third party service. For written instructions:

Use Whiteboards

Do you remember the whiteboards we used when we all met in person? They are available on Zoom! Bring old style meeting tools to your virtual meetings with the Whiteboard tool.

Focus on the Meeting Only

Close all other open applications and windows on your computer. Notifications and sounds can interrupt your meeting and distract you. Use the “Do Not Disturb” mode on MacOS or “Focus Assist” on Windows 10 to mute notifications.

Hopefully, you gained a few new tips and tricks to try on your next Zoom meeting. Happy Zooming!