Become an SUD Counselor

CADTP Certifies SUD Counselors in ALL Modalities!

The CADTP Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor (SUDCC) credential is accredited by NCCA/ICE and is recognized by DHCS, those holding this credential are authorized to work in any substance use disorder (SUD) treatment modality.

Steps to Certification

  1. Register as an SUDRC.
  2. Complete required education.
  3. Complete required work experience.
  4. Submit certification/exam application.
  5. Successfully pass certification exam.
  6. Receive your SUDCC certification.

Complete the six steps listed above to become a Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor.

IC&RC ADC Exam Requirements:

To apply for the certification exam, you must complete the CADTP Exam Certification Application. Along with the completed application you will need to submit the following:

  • Non-Refundable Payment of $350 ($175 for Exam and $175 for Initial SUDCC Certification)
  • 2×2 current photo of applicant
  • Official Transcripts documenting the completion of at least 315 hours of formal, in-classroom education, at an accredited college or post-secondary school in alcohol and/or other drug education (see Academic Content Areas here for required courses). Official transcripts need to be mailed in a sealed envelope or emailed to the CADTP office directly from the college.
  • Documentation of 2,080 hours SUD counseling work experience (see Work Hours Verification Form)
  • Documentation of 255 hours of SUD supervised practicum hours that cover the 12 core functions (effective for initial registrations on or after 11/1/2021) (see Practicum Verification Form)
  • Signed Code of Conduct/Ethics

PLEASE NOTE: Put the name (First and Last) on the application that matches the name on your photo ID. You must present a VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID WITH SIGNATURE in order to be admitted to the examination. Approved forms for ID are: Drivers License, Government Issued ID Card (must have photo and signature), Passport, Military ID Card. No other forms of identification will be accepted.

If the application is approved, applicants will be notified by
e-mail about how to make exam arrangements (appointment, locations, etc.)

IC&RC Exam Prep:

The IC&RC ADC exam covers the TAP 21 standards for substance abuse counselors. It is highly recommended to study for the ICRC exam. Here are a few websites that can help you prepare for the exam

Virtual Test Prepartation Course- V-Solutions Consulting

Special Accommodations:

Individuals with disabilities and/or religious obligations that require modifications in test administration may request specific procedure changes, in writing PRIOR to scheduling an examination.

Refer to the IC&RC Candidate Guide for more information on special accommodations.

Exam Retake:

There is a 90-day waiting period for those who do not pass the exam and wish to re-apply to take it again. A re-exam application and a non-refundable re-exam fee of $175 is required for each re-exam.

To be eligible to sit for the exam for a fifth attempt, the Certification Board will mandate a 180-day waiting period requiring the candidate to have their knowledge of TAP 21 competency requirements evaluated through 100 hours of documented and verifiable SUD counseling mentorship dated after the last exam attempt. The remedial action is designed to provide the exam takers with individualized support utilizing an experienced and knowledgeable person. The candidate will be required to provide documentation of this mentorship confirming the candidate has demonstrated sufficient knowledge of competency requirements to pass the exam.

The mentor must be, at minimum, a certified counselor. Mentorship should focus on TAP 21 and areas of specific need, as noted in the exam domain areas, thereby increasing the candidate’s knowledge in the failed area.

It will also be required to have a number of additional educational hours of study and a review of the Addiction Counseling Competencies – The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice (Technical Assistance Publication Series #21 (TAP 21).

“No-show” Exam:

If candidates fail to show up for an examination, do not have the proper identification or Candidate Admission Letter, they will not be permitted to sit for their examination. They will be considered a “No-Show,” examination fees will be forfeited, and they will be required to re-register and pay all fees to their IC&RC Member Board prior to scheduling another examination.

You must complete the “No-Show” Exam Application and submit with a non-refundable $175 payment to the CADTP certification office to set up a new exam time and date.