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With approximately 118,000 individuals enrolling in Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) programs annually, there is an opportunity to expand intervention and outreach amongst individuals with underlying opioid use disorder (OUD) and/or substance use disorder (SUD). In addition to DUI programs serving as intervention programs, others working in and around the SUD field with the knowledge and ability to promptly recognize drug impairment are at a greater advantage to provide those at-risk with an opportunity for immediate intervention and direction to appropriate services to assist individuals seeking recovery services and support. The California Highway Patrol (CHP), Impaired Driving Section (IDS), will deliver training intended to increase awareness of physiologic signs and symptoms associated with drug use and impairment, with an emphasis on opioids.
The Drug Impairment Intervention Training (DIIT) is funded through the State Opioid Response grant as part of the MAT Expansion Project from the California Department of Health Care Services.


Who Should Attend:


  • DUI Program Staff
  • Registered/Certified Counselors
  • Licensed/Credentialed Professionals
  • Registered Interns
  • Parole/Probation Officers
  • County employees
  • Mental Health professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Individuals whose vocation/duties bring them into contact with persons at-risk for opioid and other substance use issue