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August 4, 2023 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Clinical Supervision of Substance Use Disorder Counselors

California Endowment Center
Address: 1000 North Alameda Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

6.0 CEUs • Cost: $60.00

Course Description

This cognitive behavioral training delineates the difference between administrative and clinical supervision. The training uses techniques created by Rollnick and Miller (Miller & Moyers, 2006) to help supervisors conceptualize training based on team member’s stage of development; readiness to improve performance, and sustained behavioral change. The training accomplishes this through the use of exercises and case studies that allows participants to practice newly acquired skills.  Using MI in clinical supervision goes beyond the four foci of supervision (administrative, evaluative, clinical, and supportive), it provides a forum for seasoned supervisors to increase their skills by taking an individualized approach that focuses on stages of developmental readiness for change.

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge about supervision and the differences in foci between administrative and clinical supervision.
  2. Apply MI concepts in supervision to increase understanding of:
    1. How to elicit and strengthen change talk in unmotivated staff?
    2. Increase staff effectiveness using a staff-centered approach
    3. Increase conflict resolution skills
    4. Address difficult behavior in the workplace
  3. Learning to supervise clinical staff (how are their needs different from non-clinical staff).
  4. Understanding the AOD/ACA code of conduct and how to use it to develop counselor.