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April 10, 2020 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

On Site Strategies
Address: 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive #1110-E, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

5.5 CEU’s, $45.00

Join international trauma expert and author, Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. to learn how sensation-based treatment (as opposed to emotional or rational-based treatment) can be effective for trauma treatment. He will discuss the important principles in successful trauma treatment, and use his own successful renegotiation of a personal traumatic event as an example. Representing the full scope of his life’s work and discovery, Dr. Levine will discuss the evolutionary underpinnings of trauma. The day will include an in-depth review of how trauma is related to the ethnological concept of tonic immobility, the importance of the so-called “primitive” Vagus system, and how its connections through the viscera and body are a key ally in trauma therapy. Objectives: Articulate the four major developmental stages that increase vulnerability to trauma and how to recognize them in your clients. Determine the naturalistic mechanics of trauma and survival responses of flight, fight, freeze and collapse as it relates to clinical treatment. Discover the evolutionary underpinnings of trauma and the Polyvagal theory and their clinical implications. Demonstrate the importance of “Bottom-Up” processing versus “Top Down” processing to improve treatment outcomes. Analyze the effects of stress on somatic and emotional syndromes in clients. Incorporate Dr. Levine’s simple containment tools in order to more effectively engage your client in trauma therapy. He also presents areas of; Child Development: The Signs of Trauma in Each Developmental Period; The Naturalistic Mechanisms of Trauma; Understanding our primary survival tactics and how they play out in the body: Flight, fight, freeze and collapse; Traumatic Reactions; Spirituality and Trauma.