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At CADTP, we take your career seriously! Our certified customer service team is always happy to answer your questions and help you get your paperwork processed and approved in a timely manner. This article provides timelines and resources to help facilitate your registration and certification activity!

Processing Times

The following processing times may help you determine when to submit your paperwork. If you need faster processing for your registration or certification renewal, we offer Rush Processing for an additional $25. This will guarantee a 10-day turnaround!

  • Initial Registration – 14 days
  • Reciprocity (Transfers) – 14 days
  • Registration and Certification Renewals – 30-days

Checklists Help Ensure Everything is in Order

Each application has a checklist that will help to ensure that your packet is completed upon submission. Using the available checklists will ensure that your application package is complete and the processing will be quick and easy! Locate your next application checklist in the links below.

Registration Application – Complete the Registration Application as the first step to becoming a SUD Counselor. The checklist is located on page 2.

Registration Renewal Application – Registrants must renew annually by submitting the Registration Renewal Application. The checklist is on page 1.

Certification and Exam Application – Complete the Certification and Exam Application when you are ready to take the certification exam. Checklists for each certification type are on pages 5 and 6.

Certification Renewal Application – Complete the Certification Renewal Application to renew all types of certifications. The checklist is located on page 2.

Certification Upgrade Application – Complete the Certification Upgrade Application to upgrade your certification to an advanced level.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The primary purpose of continuing education is to maintain and enhance the quality of substance abuse treatment services provided to the public. This is best accomplished by restricting continuing education to professional development courses that directly address the counseling and treatment of substance abuse and related disorders.

Acceptable Continuing Education Providers.

There are many different types of CEU Providers. However, not all of them are qualified to teach (or provide training) that pertain to the substance use disorder counseling field, i.e. trainings that directly address the counseling and treatment of substance abuse and related disorders. CADTP will only accept CEUs from its network of approved CEU Providers (listed on our website at, your employer if they are an approved CADTP CEU Provider, other DHCS California Certification Organizations, a government agency, or an organization contracted by a government agency.

The Bulletin 13-03 Continuing Education – CEU’s details all you need to know about obtaining and reporting your continuing education requirements. Academic Content Areas provides more information on acceptable content areas.

Use CEUS from CADTP Approved Providers or Seek Advanced Approval from CADTP

In some cases, CEUs NOT on CADTPs list of approved CEU providers can count toward your continuing education. However, it’s important to receive approval in advance from CADTP.

If you are going to attend a conference that is not CADTP approved, receive approval in advance from CADTP. Contact CADTP, email info or call. It will be approved if backup documentation is covered by the guidelines.