SUD Counselor Education

Locate schools and universities for CADTP approved SUD Counselor education.

CADTP accepts most accredited colleges and post secondary schools who have courses specific to addiction counseling. The following education providers offer Substance Use Disorder education programs or information on other educational programs accepted by CADTP. If the school you are considering is not on the list, contact CADTP.

Education Providers

Search by category for colleges and universities offering Substance Use Disorder education below. Click on the entity name for more information and links to the education provider.

Diablo Valley College

UC San Diego Extension

College of the Redwoods



Center for Higher Purpose

Center for Higher Purpose

Los Angeles Southwest College

Los Angeles Southwest College

Lassen Community College

Lassen Community College

San Bernardino Valley College

Rio Hondo College

Oxnard College

Mendocino College

College of San Mateo

California State University Dominguez Hills

Yuba College

Modesto Junior College

Alan Hancock College

Fresno City College

Saddleback College

Contra Costa College

Long Beach City College

Imperial Valley College

Pierce College

Santa Barbara City College

San Joaquin Delta College

City College of San Francisco

Santa Rosa Junior College

Merritt College

Glendale Community College

East Los Angeles College

Palo Verde College

New Creation College

California Southern University

Sober College School of Addiction Studies

San Diego City College

Palomar College

Marste Training Services

InterCoast Colleges

Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies

Grand Canyon University

Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies

Crescent College

CCAPP Academy

California Coast University

Breining Institute


Aspen University

American River College


Educational Content Areas

Minimum hours for each area are 45 (which is equal to 3 semester units.) Download an outline of all content areas here.

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Law and Ethics
  • Case Management: Assessment, Orientation, Treatment Planning and Relapse Prevention/Aftercare Planning
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Supervised Practicum
  • Supervised Field Work Practicum (Internship)

Education Review

If you would like to have your transcript reviewed before you apply to take the exam to see if you have met the educational requirements you will need to complete the Education Review Application.

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